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Erica Hornthal, known as "The Therapist Who Moves You" is a board-certified dance/movement therapist and licensed clinical professional counselor.  She is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy and creator of the Dance Therapy Advocates Summit.

As a licensed talk therapist, Erica knows that words only get us so far. Whereas, if we’re willing to tap into its power, the body can take us the rest of the way as we process emotions and strengthen our mental health. 


Erica is spearheading this movement by moving you. Dance/Movement  Therapy comes in, providing the structure and space for people to truly listen to their bodies. This practice isn’t about being a perfect dancer and it’s not just a way to let loose and have fun. It’s learning that movement is life — our movements influence our thoughts, which influence our behavior, which makes us who we are. 



What is Dance/Movement Therapy?




Individual, couples, and family counseling with a person-centered approach.


Movement-based psychotherapy for individuals and groups.


Available for counselors and dance therapists in need of supervised hours.

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