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Body Aware

The Book That Moves You

by "The Therapist Who Moves You"

The reviews are in!


What people are saying...

Dr. Jamie Marich, author of Trauma and the 12 Steps, says "I truly believe that everyone wanting to befriend or deepen their relationship with their bodies can benefit from working with this book."

Dr. Russell Kennedy, The Anxiety MD says, “Body Aware is just the prescription you need."



Kathlyn Hendricks, best-selling author of Conscious Loving and At the Speed of Life says, "Pick up Body Aware and find a new best friend, your own wild and wonderful moving self."




Dr. Brett Steenbarger, teaching Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences SUNY Upstate Medical University, says “Erica Hornthal, in this groundbreaking book, helps us appreciate that changing the activity of the body facilitates larger personal changes....this is a game-changer.”




A word from the author....

Hello!  Thank you so much for your interest in Body Aware.  I wrote this book because I know from my own experience just how much my mind prevented me from thriving.  When I learned to listen to my body and embrace my mind-body connection a world of possibility and potential opened up! 


I want that for everyone.  Everyone deserves to achieve their greatest potential and through the body possibilities are endless.

Keep moving!


An at-home mindful movement practice–cultivate resilience, dispel emotional blockages, and live your best life with the power of movement.


When we talk about movement, most of us think “exercise.” But the way we move our bodies–how we walk, roll, dance, stretch, connect, and take up space–is about so much more than physical fitness. Our movements impact our mental and emotional health…and when we change the way we move, we can change the way we live.

Licensed clinical professional counselor and board-certified dance and movement therapist Erica Hornthal–aka “The Therapist Who Moves You”–takes readers on a step-by-step journey, showing how a mindful movement practice can:

  •  Help ease symptoms of depression
  •  Build a greater sense of connection and intimacy with loved ones
  •  Slow down thoughts to lessen anxiety and panic
  •  Impact how–and what–we feel

Readers will learn to identify where they physically hold their emotions; understand and interpret their body’s unique language; explore bodily sensations; identify emotional blockages; and upgrade harmful thought cycles to patterns that instead foster resilience, emotional regulation, and productivity. With a chapter on disability and movement diversity, Hornthal’s guide is inclusive, non-prescriptive, and helps us each discover the kind of movement that works best for us.

Broken into three sections, “How You Move,” “How Movement is a Catalyst for Change,” and “Transforming Your Life Through Movement,” Body Aware is a revelatory transformational practice and an easy-to-use introduction to the mind-body power of intentional movement.

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